During the preparation phase, we agree with the client on a scope of work, objectives and the timetable for the implementation and execution of the transaction. Depending on the complexity of the mandate, the time planning is an essential factor for a successful transaction. Generally, such projects take between 3 and 6 months; but with full acquisition programs the duration depends on the nature and scope.

Whilst analysing the market environment and the potential target companies, we identify suitable candidates for an acquisition in-line with the desired profile. We also conduct an initial assessment of the business situation, the range of products and services, the location and, when possible, the quality of the management of the target companies. With international transactions we receive local support, and often an enhanced information basis, through our international partners.

Upon the conclusion of the analysis, we present our client with a “long list” of the possible target companies. On this basis, together with the client, the potential candidates are prioritised into a “short list”. Only then do we begin with the confidential approach of the target companies.