mergermarket German Trendspotter:

Cross-border and carve-out deals to weather political and economic uncertainty in 2017 – Analysis

Mergermarket veröffentlicht seine Analyse der M&A-Aktivitäten und befragte dazu Felix Hoch, Partner bei CHReynolds.

  • Bayer/Monsanto, Syngenta/ChemChina boost overall deal value
  • Increasing mid-cap succession issues to lead to more M&A
  • Corporate carve-outs likely to dominate IPO market in near term

German M&A has borne the brunt of uncertainty throughout Europe this year but the country’s own upcoming general elections in 2017 will mark a real test of resilience. This year so far Germany has recorded 787 deals at a total value of EUR 66.8bn, according to Mergermarket data. This represents a 19% increase in value and 13 more deals than the same period last year.

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