M&A advisory at the highest level

C▪H▪Reynolds▪Corporate Finance AG supports family-run companies, groups as well as financial investors and family offices not only in the implementation of the M&A process, but also provides strategic consulting services with respect to the future orientation of the company.

Our services cover the initiation, holistic strategic and tactical consulting as well as operative support for national and cross-border M&A transactions.

We accompany the entire transaction process, starting with the company valuation and the market and competitor analyses. When addressing potential buyers or vendors and in the “market phase”, we assist clients from the due diligence and financial structuring, through to the completion of contract negotiations.

In close coordination with our clients, we carry out market and company research on the respective interested parties or potential purchase candidates at international level, among other things. We also conduct the negotiations at the end of the process discreetly and with considerable tactical acumen.