Sector Advisers

Prof. Dr Friedrich-Leopold v. Stechow – Chairman of the Sector Advisory Board

Professor von Stechow has been Chairman of the Sector Advisory Board of C▪H▪Reynold since 2003 and Head of the Supervisory Board from 2009 to 2019.

Professor von Stechow studied Macroeconomics and Business Administration, as well as Jurisprudence, in Bonn and Würzburg, gaining a Doctorate in 1973.

Subsequently he held various management positions with institutes such as Effectenbank Warburg AG, Georg Hauck & Sohn, Sal. Oppenheim jr. Cie. and at Bankhaus Hermann Lampe KG, and was the Executive Manager at Trinkaus & Burkhardt KGaA. He terminated his banking career in 2005 as a member of the Managing Board of DZ-Bank.

Professor von Stechow is Honorary Professor at the University of Potsdam, Managing Partner of the management consultancy firm SMC in Berlin, member of the Supervisory Board/Advisory Board of various national and international companies and works, on an honorary basis, in the cultural sector in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Peter Edelmann – Senior Sector Adviser Engineering

Since January 2013 Peter Edelmann supports the team of C▪H▪Reynolds Corporate Finance AG as senior sector advisor mechanical engineering and automotive.

After his business administration studies Mr. Edelmann started his professional career 1985 as project manger and later Head of the project department at Ferdinand Menrad. From 1989, with the change to the Voith GmbH, he held several leading position in the ‘Hydrodamp’, ‘Retarder’, ‘Automatic transmission’ and ‘Road division’ unit of the company. From 2003 to 2012 he was CEO of Voith Turbo and member of the Corporate Management of Voith GmbH.

In addition to his function as senior advisor for C▪H▪Reynolds Corporate Finance AG Mr. Edelmann is also member of the advisory boards of the Würth-Group, Freudenberg Schwab Schwingungstechnik and the Karl Mayer Group in Obertshausen. Since July 2013 he chairs the Board of KAEFER Isoliertechnik.

Dr Andreas J. G. Rauh – Sector Adviser Life Science, Pharma & Chemicals

Dr Andreas J. G. Rauh joined the Sector Advisory Board of C▪H▪Reynolds Corporate Finance AG in 2013. With longstanding international experience in the pharma and chemistry industry, he assists the C▪H▪Reynolds team in healthcare, pharmaceuticals and chemicals sectors.

Dr Rauh studied Chemical Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt and Chemistry at the Philipps University Marburg. He also obtained several post graduate diploma from Kellogg’s/Northwestern University, USA, and Business School St. Gallen, Switzerland.

After his Ph.D. thesis in Molecular Immunology at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, Dr Rauh started his professional career at B. Braun Melsungen AG in 1988. He held various management positions in the Medtech and Pharma division and was responsible, amongst others, for the integration of acquired companies.

After switching to Merck KGaA in 1998, Dr Rauh held several leading and senior management positions and was responsible for the re-organisation of the Merck Chemicals Lab Business R&D departments and the implementation of portfolio- and project management. In addition to this, Dr Rauh was a member of the senior executive team for the integration of Millipore in the Merck organisation.

In his last position, Dr Rauh served as Senior Vice President and Head of Lab Essentials Merck Millipore and was General Manager at Merck Bioscience GmbH and Schuchardt oHG.

Since July 2013 Dr. Rauh founded the Panthaleon Strategy Management GmbH where he is acting as the general manager.

Joachim Reinhardt – Sector Advisory Board Consumer Goods and Retail

Joachim Reinhardt has been supporting the C▪H▪Reynolds team since 2019 with his many years of sector experience in Consumer Goods, Retail and eCommerce.

After studying in Saarbrücken, Cologne and London, Joachim Reinhardt began his career first at Procter & Gamble in financial management and then at the Gillette Group. For the Gillette Group’s subsidiary Braun he worked in controlling and marketing in Germany and Spain, later in the USA at the parent company Gillette as Director Corporate Financial Planning and finally until 2006 as Managing Director of Gillette Group Germany and Finance Director Central Europe West.

During his two years on the board of Hugo Boss AG (CFO), he took over the interim management after the CEO left the company.

From 2009 to 2016 Joachim Reinhardt initially worked for the D+S AG Group as CFO and later as CEO of the Netrada Group (eCommerce services). Until 2016 he was CEO of the telecommunications and IT division (dtms group), which he led to a successful change of shareholders in 2014.

Dr.- Ing. Siegfried Thomalla – Sector Advisory Board Industrial Products and Services

Dr. Siegfried Thomalla joined C▪H▪Reynolds in 2019 as Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board and member of its Sector Advisory Board. As an industry specialist and proven expert in metal and steel processing, he offers our clients valuable experience in business improvement and an established industrial network.

Dr. Thomalla started his career at the Mannesmann Research Institute (MFI) and at the same time completed an extra-occupational doctorate in engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. After this, he worked for the Swiss Von Roll AG, and later as plant director of the steel processing plant in Homburg (including tubes, bright steel, steel cylinders) for Neunkircher Eisenwerke AG / Saarstahl Völklingen GmbH. In addition, he acted as managing director of IWKA Stahlflaschen GmbH.

Dr. Thomalla then moved to Preussag Group, where as Managing Director of Minimax GmbH he was responsible for the Mobile Fire Protection division as well as its subsidiaries. Later, he also took over the supervision of Minimax-Österreichische Feuerschutz Ges.m.b.H. In addition, he was acting as a member of the supervisory board of the French Minimax subsidiary Protec-Feu S.A.

At the pipe manufacturer Eisen- und Metallwerke Ferndorf, he contributed his international experience as managing director in questions on all matters related to profit optimisation, restructuring and expansion of business areas.

In addition, Dr. Thomalla was a member of the national board of directors of the bvfa (Federal Association of Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Systems) and VFDA (Association for the Promotion of German Fire Protection) as well as the board of directors of TÜV Saarland e.V.