Consumer Goods & Retail

Compared to its European neighbours, Germany’s consumer climate is very stable with a high share of domestic spending. The main driver is private demand: with unemployment rates at historically low levels and a high employment ratio, the consumer-spending trend is expected to develop positively in the future.

Consumer Goods

The Consumer Goods sector is, supported by its stable development, an attractive area for investments. This applies to both national as well as international strategic investors and to financial investors and family offices. Many German SMEs with prominent brand names in this field are still family-owned. Consolidation is progressing, partly driven by the retail side. Brand and innovation are the main criteria for German SMEs in the Consumer sector to secure their USP.


In the Retail sector, multichannel-services are becoming more and more standard. With the stationery retail rather stagnating, leading to a shake-up in retail shop concepts, online and catalogue retail are gaining further momentum. Their share in the German Retail sector is more than 10% already (more than €43 billion per year), which is expected to further increase.

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