Since the foundation of C▪H▪Reynolds in 1998, we have continuously advised on transactions in the automotive sector, coping with very different points of the market cycle.

Today, as always, the automotive sector and their suppliers face huge challenges such as volatile production volumes, cost pressure, international competition and new technologies: Specific topics are low emission and alternative gear (such as electrical vehicles), lightweight design as well as active and passive roadside and driver assistance security systems, just to name a few. In addition, the sector is facing huge international adjustments in sales and production logistics which are mostly based on demographic developments in the BRIC countries in contrast to Europe and the US.

The German automotive industry was able to compete on the world market with additional 5% order income in exports. However, there is an obvious need for further innovation and supersession due to M&A activities.

Is your company doing business in the automotive sector or are you interested in this field? The Automotive sector team, led by Felix Hoch, is looking forward hearing from you.