IT & e-commerce

The IT sector is one of the most important sectors in Germany. With around 900,000 employees, it is the second largest employer of the German economy. The IT market is still highly fragmented: the ten largest players account for a market share of only 7% in total. More than 90% of the players in this field are SMEs, frequently with only local activity.

The IT services field, in particular, is characterised by strong competition. More and more international players are entering the German IT market, which are predominantly companies from Europe, the USA and Asia. Current trends such as cloud computing, mobile applications, IT security solutions and social media are the main drivers of this trend.

In the adjacent e-commerce-segment, smart tracking and payment management are current areas for dynamic growth, besides web shop-services and design, payment service providers and IT logistics.

In IT and IT services, the C▪H▪Reynolds team has an extensive network of personal contacts, in Germany as well as abroad. Your contacts for IT and e-commerce are: Felix Hoch (IT), Markus Kluge (IT/e-commerce) and Stefan Constantin (e-commerce)