IT & e-commerce: Case Study
Arago GmbH

Originally founded in 1995, arago specializes in the automation of IT operations. arago’s breakthrough technology for IT-automation, which was developed over the last 8 years, is called “AutoPilot”. It is a unique platform based on technologies like inference machines and machine learning as well as data analytics to automate IT operations. arago’s technology is used by large corporations with complex IT systems such as banks, telecom-munication companies as well as IT service providers and IT outsourcers.

C▪H▪Reynolds was mandated with the identification and approach of potential financing partners who support the worldwide expansion of the company, and for the further execution of the transaction.

Goals were the identification of a strong financing partner who will ensure the further successful development of the company on a global scale, whilst maximising the sales proceeds of the minority shares and safeguarding the control rights of the exisiting shareholders. Special aspects were the sale of a minority stake and capital increase, the contractual agreement of the later exit and a parallel due diligence with a number of interested parties from abroad.

Team: Felix Hoch, Markus Kluge